Wildflower Bride Farms

Image of the front of a honey bee hive with the text of 'home sweet home' written above the entrance


The Wildflower Bride Farm has the distinction of being on the highest hill between Hay Lakes and Thunder Bay. We enjoy bees, trees, hills and valleys and rolling pasture and a year round pond teaming with wild fowl. The 100 year old historic Berube House looks over this heartland paradise. We welcome Farm Sales and visits and enjoy sharing our love of farming with others. This year we will have a pumpkin patch with pumpkins that can be safely eaten as well as carved! Stay tuned for our honey pie recipes!

Why did you name it Wildflower Bride Farms?

The first year I produced enough honey to sell was the year my eldest daughter was married so it was a summer of sweet changes! When I moved to Alberta and started to produce a LOT of honey I reflected on the name. I realized that every worker bee from the hive dedicates her life to find nectar. She is passionate about this endless and exhausting pursuit which will eventually take her life. As a young bee she feeds and tends the queen, then graduates to house cleaning the hive and mortuary or guard duty. Finally her season comes and she begins her sweet service to the hive, practicing her first flights and finding her bearings out in the sun. She works as long as the warmth and light will allow and never loses her will to serve. She takes refuge only long enough to let the raindrops pass or fierce winds subside and then begins again, knowing intimately the blessed bloom.

Bucket of wildflower Bride Honey

Pumpkin Patch Bucket Day

Bring your bucket to refill and choose a Rouge d'Etampes pumpkin. Oct 2nd and 3rd at the farm. Book your visit by calling Sara at 1-780-878-8393

Learn more about our Bucket Days Here.

Image of Sara Willans the owner and farm of Wildflower Bride farms

Farmer Sara

I am so blessed to be the steward of this farm and to enjoy the challenges and joys of farming. I love my job and though I hate the long winters I love the winter fallow from the hard physical work.

Image of Hudson the sheep dog and Sara at the farmer's market

Hudson and Butch

Without my 2 dogs I could not keep the sheep, chickens, and cows safe from predators. My sheep dog can bring the flock in from the farthest field and my rescue dog watches closely for marauding coyotes or foxes.